Eco-Library Proposal 2012

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CC Commune Council
CCWC Commune Committee for Women and Children
CNSR Cambodia’s National Summary Report
DIP Detailed Implementation Plan
DoE Department of Education
DRR Disaster Risk Reduction
ECCE Early Childhood Care and Education
ELP Eco-Library Project
FGD Focus Group Discussion
KII Key Informant Interview
MDG Millennium Development Goal
NER Net Enrolment Rate
SSC School Support Committee
UNHDR United Nation Human Development Report


  • Project Profile
Project Name Eco-Library Project (ELP)
Project Location Sithor Village, Sithor Commune, Ksach Kandal District, Kandal Province
Project Goal To enhance student learning outcomes in Sithor Primary School
Project Outcomes Improved children knowledge through additional reading facilities and materials
Strengthened school and community engagement and participation to improve children’s learning outcome
Project Beneficiaries: Direct beneficiaries:

  • 18 School Teachers (8 Females)
  • 852 school children (387 Females)
Project Start Date February 2013
Project End Date April 2013
Estimated Project Budget USD 4,330.00
Anticipated Funding Sources
Primary Contact for the Project Mr. Rethiya Khan, Choeun Team Leader
Mobile: 855-17-755565

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Eco-Library successfully done

September 04, 2011, “I am pleased to announce the formal opening of the eco-library starting today,” said Mr. Meas Sort, representative of the Head of Kampong Chhnang Provincial Office of Education, in the inauguration day of Eco-library in Lboeuk Rangsei Primary School. The applause went up and on in the school environment as Mr. Sort continued that this was the very first Eco-library in our province. Continue reading

Project Progress

We are almost there!

With just one month and a half, the Eco-library building stood quickly within the school compound. It is estimated that 80% has been completed (please see the picture) and everything has gone perfectly according to the plan, regardless of minor changes in the materials for the roof and floor. If nothing goes wrong, the building would be finished by the end of this month.


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Project Launched

After a period of fund raising, ECO-LIBRARY project is now officially launched.

The opening ceremony of the project was made in the school compound on Sunday 03 July 2011 with the participation of District Office of Education (DOE), Commune and Village Chief–representative from Commune Council (CC)–Teachers, Fund Raising Team, Donors, and School Children. Continue reading

Invitation to an opening session

Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the fund raising team, I am writing to invite you for an opening session of our Eco-Library project which will be celebrated at Kampong Chhnang Province.
Please see further information below.

Date: 03 July 2011
Starting time: 9:00 AM
Expected end time: 11:00 AM
Location: Lboeuk Rangsei Primary School, Baribour District Kampong Chhnang Province (Contact us and we’ll leave for the school at the same time)

Please get back to us by this Friday so that we can have proper arrangement for you.

Best Regards,
Fund Raising Team

Into the Project

The estimated opening or start date for this Eco-library project is 03 July 2011. However, prior to this point, we need to make sure that everything is ready and prepared. Therefore, we plan to begin with a meeting with School committees, commune council, children council representative, and community representative, which will happen on this 26 June 2011.

Here is the drafted plan:

1. Discussion with all stakeholders to prepare for the opening plan

2. Presentation from the constructor

3. Prepare contract plan for the constructor and payment term of reference

4. Prepare construction management plan

Group meeting minute

ថ្ងៃទី ២២ ខែ ឧសភា ឆ្នាំ២០១១ វេលាម៉ោង ៩៖៣០ ព្រឹក- ១១៖៣០ ព្រឹក

សមាជិកចូលរួម៖ រិទ្ធិយ៉ា, គីមណា, ពិទូរ, កេសនិត្យ, ម៉ាលី, ស៊ីដេត, ប៊ុនឆាយ, ហារីហាន់ និង សីហា ។


១. ការណែនាំ៖

– ប្រវត្តិក្រុមជឿន

– ដើមហេតុនៃការផ្ដួចផ្ដើមគម្រោង «បណ្ណាល័យធម្មជាតិ»

– គម្រោងបណ្ណាល័យធម្មជាតិ Continue reading



Project Name Eco-library construction
Project Goal To contribute to the improved performance of school children in Lboeuk Rang Sei Primary School
Location Lboeuk Rangsei Primary School, Lboeuk Village, Khon Rong Comune, Baribour District, Kampong Chhnang Province
Project Duration 2 Months (01 July 2011 to 31 August 2011)
Budget $2718
Beneficiaries 386 School children, 13 teachers and head teacher
Primary Contact Mr. Rethiya Tel: +85512 588 340 / +85597 99 299 00E-mail:


Mr. Khan Seav

Head teacher of Lboeuk Rangsei Primary School

Tel: +85597 777 09 96

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