Eco-Library successfully done

September 04, 2011, “I am pleased to announce the formal opening of the eco-library starting today,” said Mr. Meas Sort, representative of the Head of Kampong Chhnang Provincial Office of Education, in the inauguration day of Eco-library in Lboeuk Rangsei Primary School. The applause went up and on in the school environment as Mr. Sort continued that this was the very first Eco-library in our province.

Eco-library was initiated by CHOEUN group with the contribution from various donors, locally and internationally. The construction started in July 2011 and ended by this late August 2011, costing 2,468.20 USD and 3,331,500 Riel. It was expected to benefit almost 400 teachers and pupils in this fiscal year 2011, and thousands more during the upcoming ones.

The school director expressed a positive view on this library, saying it would create more opportunity for students to access to extra reading sources adding on top of their routine curriculum. The learning outcome would for sure increase.

This is the very first and foremost success of our Choeun group. It has given us a lot of lessons learned during the coordination for this project. Most important of all, it gives us more the heart to give and share our resources for the sake of children so that they could live in

an environment where they have equal chance to access and execute their rights.

To achieve this vision, it requires more than just this one project. Choeun therefore, would like to call for more participation in our later projects. Way to go…but together we will make it.