Project Launched

After a period of fund raising, ECO-LIBRARY project is now officially launched.

The opening ceremony of the project was made in the school compound on Sunday 03 July 2011 with the participation of District Office of Education (DOE), Commune and Village Chief–representative from Commune Council (CC)–Teachers, Fund Raising Team, Donors, and School Children.

“This is the very first eco-library in the district, and possibly the stand-alone in the province,” said Mr. Khan Seav, Director of Lboeuk Rangsei primary school. “This newly-built eco-library will for sure contribute to student’s knowledge in the entire school, and we are keen on making this as a model library for other school in the province,” added the director. The commune council also expressed a positive view point on this project that it is buying into the national education development goal. With the collaboration from the donors, teachers, community, and the government, we will be able to enrich the future education of the children. The kids themselves also revealed a high commitment to their study and taking care of the library as their own asset.

This is a new achievement added to the school, and it is expected to be functioning in the upcoming school fiscal year (2011-2012). The school indeed gained a useful tool. However, there are still other different angles for which the school is struggling. “…school, for example, is able to provide 2 course books to the students in each fiscal year while they should be receiving 4…we still have the needs for the tackling down of the problems,” said Mrs. Mei Hour, Head of DOE.

The eco-library project team extends this success to every single team member who wholeheartedly participate in the project activities since the very first step of the project. Most important of all, thanks to the donors who have contributed their valuable resources to make this happen.