Project Progress

We are almost there!

With just one month and a half, the Eco-library building stood quickly within the school compound. It is estimated that 80% has been completed (please see the picture) and everything has gone perfectly according to the plan, regardless of minor changes in the materials for the roof and floor. If nothing goes wrong, the building would be finished by the end of this month.


“We have done most of the fundamental parts of the library, and the outstanding remaining thing is the floor,” said the school committees. By next school fiscal year, students will have a new place to read.

Discussion with School Comittees

Having committed to bringing about a high quality product for children, the school committees face some challenges, especially that of the financial issue. There is a shortfall of project budget of around 15%, if we are going to have the building’s floor with tiles. However, this has not stop the process from moving forward. We decided to do some more fund raising activities to close this gap.